Current Doctor-Patient Realities

In Todays’ process, if patient is suffering from any illness may not have the medical document with them. Reaching to doctor without appointment is difficult in many cases and carrying all reports, remembering their health history, allergies, old medications is another tedious task for patients. This process is lengthy, time consuming and costly.

Futuristic Solution Medoc

Provides A Fully Functional Management System For /Hospitals/Doctors.

For Analysis Of Patient foot-printing Daily/Monthly/yearly, Patient With Multiple Visits, New Patients Month-Wise, Doctors With More Frequent Visiting Patients, Many More..

Improve Doctor Satisfaction With A Detailed Data

Patient history visible to Doctor before any new treatment, Personal health records ,e-Prescription, Put Hospital Information, Promotions At The Patients’ Finger Tips , videos & New Feeds , Patient Analysis, PHQ-9.

Improve patient satisfaction with Patient mobile app

Every patient gets universal Patient ID, Notifications And Continuous Remainders For Medicines, Making appointments, e-Prescription, Feedback/Complaints System For Patients , PHQ-9.

e-Prescription(eRx)For doctor-patient

Doctors have two type to write prescriptions

By Keyboard By Stylus

  • Speeds up medication reconciliation process
  • Paperless system
  • Instant notification of allergies, drug interactions, duplicate therapies,clinical alerts
  • Tracks patients fulfillment of prescriptions
  • Reduce number of lost prescriptions
  • Timely reminders of medication
  • Standardization list of drug dictionary